Your work was great. Everyone loved the software. The support onsite was wonderful.
— Paul DiGiovanni, SSA Global Technologies
I hope your Guide becomes a permanent feature of our event.
— NASPE attendee
I would like to extend my personal thanks to members of your staff for their professionalism and willingness to go the extra mile during our project. They went over and above to deliver on their promises for execution, and I was truly impressed with their ability to keep on top of things as we made changes along the way.
— Anne Friendly, Cisco Systems
I very much enjoyed working with everyone at NearSpace. I hate to say this, but I think the service you offer is under-priced. You do an excellent job.
— Brian Greenway
It was quite handy. I'm betting this is going to be the latest, greatest thing for conferences.
— S. Fred Green
Working with NearSpace was great! They were very intuitive about our needs and even went beyond the call of duty to acquire some content. I consider our database to be a little complicated. However, NearSpace was able to take it and understand it without too much explanation on my part. They just took the ball and ran!
— Christi Turman-Rojas
Our project was a wild success.
— Carrie Ewert, event producer
One of the greatest inventions of all time. I referred to it constantly throughout the show.
— COMDEX attendee
The NearSpace folks we interacted with were knowledgeable, helpful and accessible.
— Susan Terrill, LKE Productions
This tool is mind-boggling neat.
I’ll use this every day.
Working with NearSpace was just about the easiest part of my show.
— TED event manager
I would recommend NearSpace to anyone... Our audience loved it. It was not expensive. It was a great PR coup for our organization.
— Dino Schweitzer, Chief Staff Executive at Capstone Solutions
Enormously helpful. A great project.