Why NearSpace?

It’s not just a floor plan. We’ve been providing interior and site-based location services since 1999. (Our first app was on the Palm Pilot!) We understand that what your venue needs isn’t a simple floor plan. The static stuff that Google Floor Plans and other providers usually limit themselves to—bathrooms, elevators, exits—those things are easy to find because they never move. Your visitors need to be able to find the things that change month-to-month or even hour-to-hour: The nearest conference room that’s available right now and can accommodate more than 10 people; a recently hired employee whose cubicle number you don’t know; all the exhibitors at a trade show offering a certain product; the energy efficient light bulbs that are on sale today; the security point at SFO with the shortest line right now. You get the idea. For interior floor plans to be truly useful to the people who work, play or live in your venue, they need to be paired with dynamic information about what’s available here and now. NearSpace understands this. That’s why our data-driven applications let you associate any kind of data with active zones or locations on your floor plans. And, we give you the power to easily update that information as needed. We also understand that your interior location information needs to be available across platforms, on the web and on iPhones/smart phones and other mobile devices. We support that, too. Update the database once, and publish to multiple platforms.

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