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There is a lot of talk about indoor mapping and positioning these days. And lots of vendors providing one component or another: Google floorplans lets people upload floor plans for public access. Apple recently announced their plan to show users their position or location indoors.

But components and an actual solution are two different things.

What's most important is enabling the people who live, work and play in your venue to access mission-critical, time-sensitive information relevant to your space. For example, where is the equipment I need to ship now? Where is an available conference room that can accommodate 25 people and AV equipment now? Where in the convention center are the vendors in my product category?

Delivering this sort of information means integrating with your existing systems — asset management, HR, facilities management and other business systems. It means marrying the data in those systems and maps and floor plans for your venue in meaningful ways, and managing real security concerns in the dissemination of your information. It means filtering the information a person receives, based on their needs at that moment, the role in your organization as well as their location.

Only NearSpace provides an end-to-end solution to your indoor location needs. We've been doing so since 1999 and we understand the opportunities and operational complexities like no one else. We leverage the best technology that's available, and provide you with an integrated and supportable solution that delivers a demonstrable return on investment.

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